Marriage Monday - June 22, 2015

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This week's Marriage Monday post is going to be a little different. I had so many ideas on what to share with you, but I decided to save that for next week. I just could not let last night go by without telling you about it. I truly hope this blog post will help you treasure each moment of your life. We go through life running from one thing to the next without truly enjoying the moments we are in. We get caught up on the next big thing that we forget to treasure the "lasts" that are right in front of us.

Last night Aaron and I treasured a bittersweet moment with our son, Isaiah. We cherished the moment of giving him his last bottle. Ever. The last baby bottle I will ever hold to his lips. How are we already to this moment? It seemed so incredibly far off in the future just a few shorts months ago. I delayed it as long as I could because I knew this moment would be so hard. I didn't want my baby to grow up too fast. 

But he did.

Before my very eyes my sweet baby has grown into the sweetest little boy. I looked forward to the day that he could feed himself, but now I regret wishing it here so fast. I asked Aaron to capture the moment on camera because I want to remember it forever. I never want to forget this. I want to live in each and every moment like it is our last. 

My mommy heart wants so badly to hold on to my sweet infant baby. My heart wants to hold this sweet gift as close and as long as I can. My heart wants to cherish this precious gift that I was trusted to care for.

Don't let life steal your moments. Cherish every single day, because you can never be sure of the lasts.

​"Long ago you came to me, a miracle of first. But one day you will leave me to your past, and I will be thinking of a lifetime of your lasts...

The last time that I held a bottle to your baby lips. The last time I held you on my hip...

Precious, simple moments from your past - would I have held on longer if I had known they were your lasts?

Silly, scattered images will represent your past. I keep on taking pictures, never quite sure of your lasts...

I look ahead and dream of days that haven't come to pass.

But as I do, I sometimes miss today's sweet, precious lasts...

My life keeps moving faster, stealing precious days that pass.

I want to hold on longer - I want to recognize your lasts...

I've watched you grow and barely noticed seasons as they pass.

If I could freeze the hands of time, I would hold on to your lasts.

Let me hold on longer, God, to every precious last."

-Karen Kingsbury






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